15 Cute Love Quotes From the Heart

15 Cute Love Quotes

The magical feeling of love takes a person out of this world. This feeling makes you feel so special. Being in love with someone is the dream of everyone. But when it comes to put together the emotions into words, it’s not that easy though. People go short on words all the times. We are here to solve this problem for you. We have the best collection of Love Quotes. Now you can use these quotes to let a person know about your feelings. Let him/her know how much you are in love with.

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You can use these Love Quotes the way you want. Send these through SMS or post on the facebook timeline. Or arrange a party on Valentine’s day and write these quotes on cards and hang them. There are so many other ideas. You can use these in any way you can think of. And these sayings and quotes will surely help you express your feelings in best way.

Here are the best Love Quotes :

I want to spend my whole life with you because you make me feel so special.

Your smile is very powerful, it has changed my world.

You are in my heart all the time. You are a permanent resident here.

I have no fear because I know you are here to protect me.

If I have to choose a person for myself. I will definitely choose you.

You are my love. I can’t live without you.

I love to have a Good Night and Good Morning kiss from you.

Your love makes everything interesting in my life.

I love to cuddle with you, this is the thing I love the most.

You make my every day better. I thank God that he has gifted me with the best person.

I want you to meet all my friends. You are my favorite personality.